In 2014 I leapt from agency email design to client side e‑commerce.


It was a big leap from quick turnaround creatives on a new brand every day to merchandising a trading site, and working on the new site in production


Designing for e‑commerce is dizzying but rewarding & joining a project mid develoment is a great way to learn

Brand Alley UK

In small teams it is useful to have a designer with a background in HTML & CSS. Started with email lifecycle and daily promotions. Progressing to UI & experience.

Maybe I am a hybrid designer. Form, fuction and framework.


Client:Brand Alley UK

Role:Email & UI

From:Sep 2016 - Aug 2017


Design practically, purposefully & realistically.

Optimised and re-designed pages for the new website. Incremental improvements and new page designs for data driven improvements to key convertion metrics and SEO. Weighted consideration to business priorities and practical platform constraints. The first page I re-designed was The Outlet page.

I enjoyed the challenge of designing for e-commerce

Picking up the work of a previous designer on a site already launched, is a great way to learn by immersion. Unpicking the framework and attempting to incrementally introduce a more cohesive style guide is a great challenge on a trading site. In the future I would like to go into detail about the design process on specific pages, but for now here is a simple selection of images.